Tuesday, October 6, 2009

National Museum, New Delhi

Just got to my notes made during the Summer of 2009.Pictures left behind in India: awaiting their arrival through email or post!

Website:Not a very classy website,  more in the lines of  standard Indian textbooks and GOI websites announcing various vacancies.

The sculptures  and the Harappan collections are the strongest in this museum.
Is it displayed well? Yes and No.
Looked after well? No.
People happily, randomly and specifically touch all sculptures as they please!
Small random signs advising not to touch, but advice not enforced!

Museum Shop upstairs: Disinterested keeper, random kitschy junk which has no rhyme or reason to be there. Some random portfolios thrown among crafty cards, covered in dust.
Reflects the worst kitschy-ness in Indian Art: jumble of Kashmir-Rajasthani-North Indian random crafts which is someone's idea of India!!!!
  A few minutes away  one will find better products on the pavements of Janpath and Connaught Place.
Forget it!

Museum-Counter Shop with half empty shelves behind: Good service.Not enough goods!
The museum was in a frenzy of closed galleries, renovation works, non-functioning fountains bare in blue plastic in the central courtyard for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The better portfolio collection carried only one portfolio: that of  the 1982 Asiad Games! Pictures tomorrow!
 Some good reproductions from the Harappan Collections but none available except for the exquisite Harappan seals-reproduction copies in plaster-of-paris. Then only some of them! Ok, not great.
some portfolios, slightly dusty book collections: Bought the Chola Bronzes and the Harappan Civilization book.

Museum Cafe: If the electricity is out, be prepared to stew on the top most floor. Attentive service, red checkered table cloths: why?
Don't we have enough fabrics or designers to come up with something unique?

Menu: Fair priced menu, for the location and good food. Not exceptional. The plate of Rava Idlis: 30/- came with 2 fat idlis sambhar and chutney.
Rs. 30/- for an  cold coffee, Indian style: good!
Buffet was on with 4 covered containers. Did not check.
Server suggested Masala Dosa as being a 'good item'.
The elderly manager, a Sikh gentleman eating masala dosa but not forgetting to say 'thankyou for coming'!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Apple Picking in VA: Carter Mountain Orchard


Fresh Golden Delicious Apples

And the best donuts ever:
Apple Cider donut
$2/-pack of 2
$5/-pack of 6

A right turn  and straight up the gravelly road onto the top of Carter Mountain.
Picked Sweet Potato bins
Miniature Squash varieties
Kids and apples in red wagons
and not in that order!
Walk across the building straight down
to the rows of Golden Delicious
Further down the gravel road onto
$1/pound for Pick-your-owns
Assorted varieties available at the Counters
Wine for Sale: $5/- a glass
Sampling and local varieties.
Hot Dog Stand
New Refreshments this year  
include Chicken Sandwich
Long lines at the loo and the Apple Cider Donut Counters
A trip just to sample these donuts is highly suggested!

Traffic squeezes back down through the gravelly road, some coming up, some down
dust in the air
 and pretty sunlight patterns through the foliage
Past the historic Michie Tavern.