Monday, April 5, 2010

Cherry blossoms, Washington DC

Cherry blossoms on Ohio Drive across The Wharf at Washington DC with a tiny speck of a helicopter, like a persistent fly in the photo!

We just missed the all-white cherry blossom exuberance over the sunny weekend at DC. Were fortunate to find a parking spot  right across a few trees with an almost-all-pink/white blossom-burst...the others had donned the green and looked beautiful but friends assured us that the all-white blossoms during sunlight, while beautiful,  are surpassed by their ethereal beauty at night! Heard that the weekend was quite crowded. Spring break and beautiful weather still brought crowds to DC for the annual event.

A mid morning  start to beat the office crowds, forgetting about the Spring break traffic, contruction/road work/road blocks around the National Mall took us more time to reach Ohio Drive.... with a prospect of Oh No! at the blend of colors [while beautiful, of a different kind! :-)] ...was compensated by a lucky parking spot and a short walk to find trees. Our longer destination prompted us not to linger for long but then saw us get stuck at the end of Ohio Drive  with the glimpse of blue and white directing traffic and not allow anything to turn right!....

This afforded one views  to the Jefferson Memorial on the left, across the water  and blossoms with The Wharf across the water on the right. Crowd watching was fun: visitors to DC  with their children around the National Mall always bring a sense of humor, perspective and balance on life with kids!

So why were we still behind a long line of cars without reason? And then we saw people bunching around  the edges of the pavement, a sudden focus attention away from the cherry blossoms and onto the road and within a matter of seconds...sirens, motorcycle police pilots, and it stuck  us that it must be the only reason... a presidential motorcade!

Within moments two long black cars [which one was he in..the first or the second?]  sandwiched between other cars,  a black van with a man in black atop the van managing a big camera equipment? More official cars, more police and then it was gone! Exit to 395 closed with a stern-looking policeman who had parked his car cross-wise.... and people raising their cameras to take pictures and  a silly speculation on whether one should claim having seen President Obama?!! What if it were Biden or what if no one was there and it was just a decoy?...

GPS kept re-calculating and we were happily stuck behind some slow moving traffic, gum chewing truck-drivers staring down at puny cars, nonchalant trash compactors alongside out-of-state number plates ...have not yet caught an Hawaii number plate in our 'count the states on the road' game! Catching Alaska was luck  because that had an 'armed forces' sticker!

Finally out of the state and onto to another catering to our youngster...
Picture courtesy: PK and  a Canon!

A graphic image of the thing moi liked in the huge store.

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