Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Portulaca on my weathered old  blue deck.
This has been prolific over the past few weeks in shades of Rani Pink, Golden Yellows, White and shades of all.....


  1. Dear Q
    Very nice photography!! will be looking forward to more postings.
    I am quite curious to know the meaning of this blog heading ..I know the individual meaning...Kamandalu and Ginseng. During my 4 year stay in Korea, I must have eaten hell of a lot of ginseng in chicken, in tea etc.
    I am wondering what is the combined meaning of the words....
    have a nice weekend

  2. Dear Ushnishda! Thank you!
    The word was meant as a pun on the meaning/images evoked by both terms. so in my mongerel [ or a more snooty, 'global'] existence, fueled by Gingseng-like experiences, my pot of wisdom purpots/presumes to add/spout more jewels! I liked the connotations and the humour...

  3. Dear Q
    I did not get this reply because I forgot to click " subscribe by e mail" for follow up comment; as a result I did not get any intimation.
    The meaning is very deep and tough for me ha ha
    have a nice weekend