Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stormclouds in August...

After thumbing our noses at this type of entertainment for all our lives,
we finally packed our bags....

 and reached here under the gathering storm....
To sample some Butterbeer and goodies.


  1. Dear Q
    I like this Kamadhenu and Ginseng postings..Nice concept and followed the link to Butterbeer..,,,,trying to figure out what is butterbeer...
    have a nice week

  2. Dear Ushnishda,
    Butterbeer is a tasty caramel flavoured fizzy drink with buttery foam on the top.
    The real-time version of what Harry Potter would have had at Hogsmeade.
    Out of all the over-priced theme park products this was worth it on a sweltering August day! :-)

  3. I love how moody and dark those photos are. We don't get storms much around where I live and oddly I wish we did!

  4. Dear Q
    How are you? I am off blog these days..I was searching for your e mail on the blog ...to say a funny thing..Can you imagine until few days back, I was reading "Kamandalu" as Kamadhenu and used to wonder why Ginseng and Kamadhenu ha ha ..age is catching on I guess. WIll be on a pilgrimage to Gujarat until 12th and then to my usual spring trip to Himalayas and Rum stop et al ha ha
    Have a nice week ahead

  5. Thankyou Ushnishda! Looking forward to a good post from your pilgrimmage and the rum stop!
    :-D Your comment reminded me that I have not updated this blog!